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Here you will find all the answers you were looking for about your garage doors and their problems

Should I take extra safety measures if I have small kids?

You have to test the operation of the reversal mechanism on a regular basis in any case. When you have kids, the most important thing is to keep the remote away from them and to ensure that they cannot reach the wall mounted keypad.

Why is my garage door making strange loud noises?

There are a few possible reasons, according to our experts in Hunters Creek Village. The metal parts may have rusted or may require lubrication. The strange sounds may be due to misalignment of the garage door tracks. Inspect the metal parts for damage as well.

What should be my main consideration when choosing a garage door?

The main things you should consider are safety, security, and convenience, as our experts advise. Of course the garage door should be able to deliver to your needs while providing security at the same time since that is what they are built for in the first place. Factors such as color and design should be secondary.

How far away from the garage door should the remote control be?

Our garage door repair Hunters Creek Village experts say that the remote control can be as far as 50 meters away from the garage door, but it is still best to keep a reduced distance because of some environmental factors.

Why is there some black residue on my garage door?

The black marks are not something to worry about. You do not need extension springs repair. These just come from the oil coating that can be found on garage door springs. The best way to remove these marks would be by washing your doors down on a regular basis. You can use regular detergent on these doors.

Do I have to lubricate all parts?

As long as garage door parts are made of steel, they need lubrication. It's important to keep garage door tracks and rollers lubricated and also the springs, the chain of the garage door opener, all fasteners and hinges. When moving parts are lubricated, their movement is smoother.

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