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Repairs on garage door operating system

Here you will definitely read the best tips about all garage doors matters! Learn how to inspect and clean them

Lubricate the metal parts of screw drive and chain drive openers

The professionals of our garage door repair company in Hunters Creek Village explain that people usually miss to lubricate these parts out of fear that this may interfere with the operation of the opener. With careful application of a high quality lubricant, you will do a great job.

Measure the stems of your garage door rollers before replacement

The length of the stems is either 2 or 4 inches. When you measure the currently installed rollers, you will know exactly what replacements to get. In general, it is best if all rollers are replaced at the same time.

Presence of safety cables

In case your garage door features extension springs, then a safety cable which is secured to the ceiling or wall at each end and runs through the spring, is required. Breakage of the spring under high tension, may lead to injuries. So, if your extension springs are not supported by safety cables, then get the door inspected by our garage door specialists at the earliest.

Protect the bottom panel and tracks from damage

The best thing which you can do is to refrain from using corrosive cleaners for the garage floor and the driveway. Additionally, you should clean the garage floor more frequently during the winter to ensure that road salts will not get into contact with the metal components of the door. To protect the bottom panel, in particular, change the bottom seal when it gets worn.

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